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CHAPTER 1: Features of child psychology : o When adults seek service for children, it’s often not clear whose “problem” it is o Many child/adolescent problems involve failure to show expected developmental progress o Many behavior problems shown by children are not entirely abnormal o Interventions for children/adolescents are often intended to promote further development instead of just restoring previous functioning Historical Views/Breakthroughs In Greece, children were considered servants of the state o Any persons with physical or mental handicap were scorned/abandoned/put to death 17 th th century o o Massachussets Stubborn Child Act of 1654 : allowed parents to put “stubborn” children to death for misbehaving o Behavior disorders were due to possession of the devil Emergence of Social Conscience 17 th century : John Locke : Jean Marc Itard : 1 st documented efforts to work with a special child o Victor : discovered living in the woods Leta Hollingworth : argued that mentally defective children were suffering mainly from bad treatment by adults & lack of appropriate intellectual challenge o Imbeciles – those with mental retardation o Lunatics – those with psychiatric/mental disorders Benjamin Rush : children incapable of true adult-like insanity o Their immature brains prevent them from retaining mental events that cause insanity Moral insanity – non-intellectual forms of abnormal child behavior o Ex . From advances in medicine, moral insanity view was replaced by the organic disease model o Emphasized more humane treatments Dorothea Dix : established humane mental hospitals for the treatment of youths Early Biological Attributions 19 th century : emerging belief that illnesses were biological problems Masturbatory insanity o The 1 st Clifford Beers : o
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