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Final Examination Review

Final Examination Review - Final Examination Review...

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Final Examination Review: Chapters 1-13 ** This review serves only as a guide to direct your studies for your exam. All of these topics may be expanded on, and others will be included on the exam** 1. Define health. A state of complete web-being What are the components of health? physical, pschological, spiritual, social, intellectual, and environment Define wellness. State of optimal health What is the wellness-illness continuum? A diagram that has optimal wellness on one side and an early death on the other, in between are different stages 2. What are the three types of influences that shape behavior? Define and give an example of each. Predisposing Factors—beliefs, knowledge. Reinforcing factors—encouragements to reach a goal; praise. Enabling factors—skills, resources; breaking down obstacles to obtain a goal. 3. According to Prochaska, what are the 6 stages an individual goes through as they make a change? Proconemplation, Contemplation, Preperation, Action, Maintenance, Termination. 4. Define locus of control. Where they view control is originating What is external locus of control? Within themselves What is internal locus of control? Witin others 5. Define stress. The nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it What is the term for the positive stress in our lives? eustress for the negative effects of stress? distress 6. What is homeostasis? And stable and consisent physiological state adaptive response? The body’s attempt to restore homestasis 7. What is the general adaptation system (GAS)? The physiological response to a stressfull situation Who was it developed by? Hans Selye List & explain what takes place in each of the 3 stages. Alarm— temporarily lowers body’s resístanse. Resístance—body mobilizes its internal resources to try to sustain homeostasis. Exhaustion—if stress continúes, can cause a breakdown.
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8. What is PTSD? Posttraumatic stress disorder What is it caused by? Response to an out-of-the-ordinary stressor 9.What are some simple exercises that can stop stress buildup inside your body & help you regain a sense of
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Final Examination Review - Final Examination Review...

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