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DR. WILLIAM H. CUNNINGHAM TEST INFORMATION FOR SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 MARKETING 320F I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some specific information about the first examination in Marketing 320F. Lecture The exam will cover the following lectures: 1. The Marketing Environment 2. Nature and Scope of Marketing 3. Marketing Planning and Strategy 4. Legal Aspects of Marketing 5. Market Segmentation 6. Marketing Information Systems 7. Marketing Information Systems and Research Text Consumer Behavior . The Consumer Behavior Lecture or Chapter 5 will not be on the examination. Number of Questions The examination will consist of 50 questions. 1. Ten multiple-choice questions will be drawn from the lectures. 2. Forty multiple-choice questions will be drawn from the text. Questions from Guest Lecturers There will be questions from Shelby Carter’s lectures. Learning Disability
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