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Criminal Justice Exam 2 Sex Offender -1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men experience rape - 22% of these women were under 12 years old and 32% were 12-17 years old -despite low reports of rape, recently more sex offenders have been prosecuted and are under supervision -incest and child molestation were infrequently acknowledged up to 1980 and were not aggressively prosecuted - there is a lack of training about family violence in medical schools and lack of training about abuse, sexual abuse, and family violence in school of psyc and counseling -the growing commitment to prosecute sex crimes of all types has greatly affected the makeup of police, courts, prisons, and community corrections -in spite of increased attention, there is still great deal of ignorance and denial from the public -the riskiest place for a child may be their own home, in 90% of rapes of children less than 12 years old, the child knew the offender -the the past 20 years, much more attention has been paid to issue of understanding sexual
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Unformatted text preview: abuse than at any previous time in history-classify sex offenders in order to a. assess risk for sentencing purposes b. determine amenability to treatment c. understand the etiology of such disorders so that prevention/early intervention can reduce frequency- rapists are motivated by power or anger and child molesters are classified as (pedophiles-only children) or regressed(attracted to adults, occasionally children) -clinicians and corrections personnel who have used physiological testing have validated that many offenders have wide range of victims, age levels, and sexual deviances-trying to fit sex offenders into categories is not always possible-obsession with porn, voyeurism, phone calls, and indecent exposure are “hands-off” behavior that can lead to more serious “hands on” behavior such as rape-not all aberrant sexual behavior involves victims...
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