crim j study guide - Chapter 4-since early 1980s Americans...

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Chapter 4 -since early 1980s Americans have become more concerned about a group called serial killers (kill repeatedly) -serial killers stalk their victims for weeks, months, or years not stopping until they are caught -mass killers: slaughter victims in one event-tend to target people they know for sake of revenge using weapon of mass destruction -serial murderers: kill strangers with their hands to achieve a sense of power and control over others - myth 1, epidemic of serial murder in US: -the interest in serial murder has grown, but the crime itself has not -since they target strangers and take great care to cover up their crimes, many cases remain unsolved as missing persons -since victims are usually prostitutes, homeless, or drug users, not many people are suspicious if they dissapear - authorities find it hard to link murders comitted by the same person throughtout the years because killers alter their style - 2526-3860 victims slain by 399 killers between 1800 and 1995 - 153 perpetrators and 1400 victims resulting in an average tally of less than 100 victims per year - problem is less than 1% of homicides in the country -myth 2, serial killers are unusual: - generally white males in their late 20s or 30s - some can be highschool drop outs or some may be smart - misconception is they lack stable employment or family responsibilities, they roam far and wide crossing state lines for their victims. This is not true as only 1/3 of killers crossed state lines -myth 3, they are all insane - they do not kill for money, love or revenge, but for fun -they tie up their victims to watch them squirm and torture them to hear them scream -many people have fantasies about torture, but restrain for actually hurting people - some killers have been driven by psychosis, but most are not insane and know right from wrong and know exactly what they are doing. they can control their desire to kill but choose not to -they are more cruel than crazy -those who are confused or disoriented are not capable of concealing their identity from authoriy figures and therefore do not amass a large victim count - many serial killers have a personality disorder, sociopathy. they lack a conscience, are remorseless, and care about their own needs -not only serial killers have this disorder, but 3% of all males in our society have this, and most do not commit crimes -myth 4, all killers are sociopaths - although many serial killers tend to be sociopaths, some do have a conscience but kill by ratoinalizing their actions, they think they are doing something good. - the process of dehumanization allows serial killers to slaughter innocent people by viewing them as worthless, prostitutes as sex machines, gays as AIDS carriers - they split the word into two groups, those they care about and everyone else -myth 5, they are inspired by porn - most have an interest in porn, but it can not create sadistic impulses, it just reinforces them. it takes more than porn to create this vicious personality -myth 6, they are products of bad childhoods
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crim j study guide - Chapter 4-since early 1980s Americans...

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