criminal justice - Study Guide Courts state: state supreme...

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Study Guide Courts state: state supreme court state court of appeals state court municipal federal: US supreme court-most powerful and has most jurisdiction Federal court of appeals federal court FBI(Federal Bureau of Investigation) is the lead investigative in the US UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) provides nationwide crime data based on "crimes known to the police" -Three errors in UCR: -Hierarchy Rule: if multiple crimes are committed in a single incident, only the most serious crime is reported -inconsistency in data assumption (under reporting) -clerical and data processing problems (under/over reporting) NCVS (National Crime Reports Survey) is a massive victimization survey that focuses on households Problems measuring crime: target population crime coverage best for UCR 98% law enforcement limited # of reported commercial and agencies crime business victims NCVS individuals in household and personal household and households crimes personal crimes not reported to police cost of criminal victimizations -monetary: criminal justice system and offender processing cost -human: lost lives and unused human potential crimes against a person murder, aggravated assault, robbery, sexual assault crimes against property burglary, auto theft, theft over $500 Part 1 Crimes murder, kidnapping, robbery, rape, agg. assault, burglary Part 2 Crimes drugs, weapons
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community policing is a philosophy, not a program. It is a collaborate model that involves community leaders and citizens volunteering for domestic violence crisis response teams (neighborhood crime watch, police bike patrols) three components that describe community policing: 1. Partnerships 2. Problems solving strategies 3. Use of partnerships to develop crime prevention strategies There are currently 1.3 million people in jail Amendments: - The first ten (Bill of Rights) shape the constitution
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criminal justice - Study Guide Courts state: state supreme...

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