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James Kuklinski and Paul Quirk. 2000. “Reconsidering the Rational Public: Cognition, Heuristics, and Mass Opinion.” 2 arguments that even uniformed citizenry can participate in politics: 1. heuristics 2. rational aggregate public opinion normatively attractive Cog sci perspective: - people rarely worry about the accuracy of their heuristics - people lack contextual knowledge to use heuristics accurately - information necessary to use heuristics may be missing from person’s environment - bias and distortion are systematic properties of human cognition - information sources can be severely unbalanced Cog sci findings important to theories of mass behavior: 1.much of human cognitive ability is hard wired reduce flexibility 2. these hard wired abilities are designed to meet human survival demands, nit demands of contemporary society 3.mental capacities are modular- domain specific and independent, not flexible.
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