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Lupia, Arthur. “Shortcuts Versus Encyclopedias: Information and Voting Behavior in California Insurance Reform Elections.” (1994) Summary Conducts this study in reference to direct legislation elections (i.e. the initiative and the referendum). In this paper, he focused on an exit poll that dealt with 5 different auto insurance company propositions. Lupia concludes that as long as a voter could correctly identify the insurance industry’s official positions on a particular proposition were much more likely to emulate the behavior of relatively well informed voters on that proposition than were similarly uninformed voters—this is a case of signaling. Ultimately, consumers voted for the initiative that was the most in their favor, the one most supported (and proposed) by the consumer activists. They relied on the shortcut of knowing their opponent’s (insurance company) preferred insurance initiatives. Abstract Lupia wants to set the record straight between a must-have-informed-voters-perspective and the ignorant-voters-still-make-informed-decisions arguments. Thus, he designs and conducts an exit poll in California (1988) where voters faced five complicated insurance reform ballot initiatives. Based on his findings, Lupia concludes that voters who lack encyclopedic information about the content of electoral debates can nevertheless use information shortcuts to vote as though they were well informed. Background -Given that voters demonstrate ignorance on relevant issues at the time of mass elections, what implications does this carry? This is where there are stark debates. -voter ignorance leads to voting behavior and outcomes that are meaningless
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Lupia_Notes_vc - Final Study Guide 1. Public Opinion...

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