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686 Carpini and Keeter_ 092809_AK - PS 686 Week 4...

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PS 686 Week 4 – Information, Rationality and Representation Carpini, M., & Keeter , S. (1997). What Americans know about politics and why it matters : Yale Univ Pr. Please note: In class, we were asked to skim chapters 1 and 2 and to read chapter 6. Chapter One – From Democratic Theory to Democratic Practice: The Case for an Informed Citizenry In theory, democracy requires knowledgeable citizens. In practice, it appears that a majority of people lack even basic political information. This is the paradox of modern democracy. There is consensus that most citizens are politically uniformed, but questions remain regarding the causes and implications of this state of civic affairs. The remainder of the chapter is a historical look at democratic theory and how it influenced democracies. To summarize: Democracy is based upon three principles: 1. The inherent and equal right of all citizens to self-determination regarding their collective actions 2. The greater likelihood of maximizing the public good if the public is centrally involved in its determination and implementation 3. The self-actualizing benefits that derive from participating in public life. The tension between the belief that citizens should govern themselves and the belief that they are
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686 Carpini and Keeter_ 092809_AK - PS 686 Week 4...

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