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Circuits Lab 1 - R1 R4 R6 Table 1 Calculated values for...

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R 1 R 4 R 6 R 7 R 5 R 3 V R 1 Figure 1: Circuit with 6 resistors. Table 2: Measured values for Resistance, voltage, and current. Table 1: Calculated values for Resistance, voltage, and current. Lab #1 Kirchoff’s Current and Voltage laws Performed: January 28 th , 2010 Joel Kellogg Partner: Kelly H
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Abstract: In the lab a circuit was created on a bread board using six resistors. Three meters were then used: a volt meter, an ammeter, and an ohmmeter, to measure the true resistance of each resistor, the voltage across each component in the circuit, and the current through each component. After all the values were gathered and placed into charts, the values were then calculated using KVL and KCL equations. This would allow values to be obtained and compared against the actual values. Object: The goal of this experiment was to confirm Kirchoff’s voltage law and Kirchoff’s current law. Theory: Ohm’s law (V=iR) was used to determine specific currents and voltages in the circuit of six resistors, where V=voltage, i=current, and R=resistance. Kirchoff’s current
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