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iPod and Philosophy

iPod and Philosophy - Joel Kellogg Professor Letzkus...

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Joel Kellogg Professor Letzkus Philosophy intro to ideas December 6, 2009 iPod and Philosophy D.E Wittkower in his book iPod and Philosophy makes claims and backs them up with facts that the iPod produced by apple has worked its way into every aspect of our lives. To the point that we no longer realize how much of our lives have at some point had an iPod in the picture, to help us, comfort us, or to just simply listen to some music. No one would have thought that a simple MP3 player, described by Wittkower as a “squircle”, would have transformed the way we think of the little white ear buds and simple white box. Wittkower makes the claim that the iPod is an all-inclusive device, as soon as soon as you buy one you are instantly a part of something bigger, an iPod family. I believe in the authors claim fully, but before I go on to display the facts let me tell you about what comes with buying an ipod. When you go to the apple store to buy your first iPod or your fifth one, it’s pretty much always the same. You get a little white box, open it and the first thing you see are the words “designed in California”, under that is your work of art, the iPod. A few more important iPod only products come in the box, most importantly the white ear buds. This is where the authors’ first argument comes in; these little white ear buds have become a flag to let each other know we are family. No matter where you are you can see people with the white ear buds in and know exactly what they
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are connected to, and with that you give a compete stranger a nod and a smile. The both of you know you are connected to something bigger. This action in a sense is purely kind and innocent, just acknowledging one another on having similar taste in music devices. This action however could be taken as arrogant as well, especially if you are an on looker to this iPod head nod going on. It could be very easy to misread these friendly signals. To the on looker, it could seem like these iPod people are bragging as to the fact
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iPod and Philosophy - Joel Kellogg Professor Letzkus...

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