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Dear Sir or Madam: From the start of my summer semester I have already made changes in hopes of a better semester academically. I have met with my academic advisor and talked over which classes need to be retaken and when the best time to retake those classes are. I also met with my academic advisor, head of mechanical engineers, Mrs. Cogat, and my parents. The purpose of this meeting was to devise a plan to get me back on track, as well as what I am doing, and what I can do better. During this meeting I was given recommendations on who I can go to for help, as well as advice. We laid out a plan for my following semesters for which classes I need to be taking when to be on track. A plan was devised which seems very possible for me to be successful at. As far as the semester is going now, I have been talking with my teachers more to get extra help as well as just letting them know that I care about being in their class and want to be successful. This semester I have been fortunate enough to get teachers I am
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Unformatted text preview: very comfortable around and they all seem to want to make students as successful as possible. I meet with my calculus professor every week to go over the current homework and or just anything I am having trouble with in his class. I have high hopes for this semester and truly think I am now on the correct path for success. I have set a personal goal of a 3.0gpa for this semester, and am heading in the right direction to meet that goal. I now know that there are many people and resources at Widener that are willing to help and all you have to do is ask. I will be taking advantage of these people and resources as well as the math and science centers in the fall and spring semester when they are open. With all of the changes I have made I believe I deserve to get my scholarship back. I also understand that if my grades slip again I will not be able to get it back a second time. I have set personal gpa goals and plan on turning my college experience around. -Joel Kellogg...
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