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biodeisel 1 - cover his costs said"I don't think it's...

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 Negron 1 Josué J. Negron  Chem. Section H1  August 25, 2009 Green Chemistry and Biodiesel Some notable factors that need be considered are the cost of the biodiesel fuel, the ease  of refueling, the gas mileage, the location of the pumps, and the convenience to the consumer.  The current barriers that exist are that there are not enough consumers using this innovative  form of biodiesel, thus the federal government does not observe the initiative to initiate funding  the development projects to spread nationwide.  Another barrier is that consumers are not well  informed of what biodiesel exactly is, or how it can benefit the environment. In the near future, if  there is enough participation from investors and consumers, biodiesel will become the next  mainstream refueling choice. But as for now, this is not a realistic merger. As stated by Sean  Aydlott, “who sells biodiesel by appointment from his house in Bothell and makes enough to 
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Unformatted text preview: cover his costs, said "I don't think it's a get-rich-quick plan;" he calls it "more of a hobby.” Biodiesel is on average 30 to 50 cents more than the conventional diesel; a main point that consumers notice. The way the economy has been; there is not a chance that consumers will oversee the cost to merely benefit the environment. Word Count: 200 Assessment Agree Neutral Disagree The essay is well organized. Negron 2 The authors’ opinions are clearly stated and well supported. The introductory sentence(s) provides sufficient information regarding the topic of the essay. The requirements of the assignment are met. The grammatical errors in the essay do not detract from the overall argument and discussion. The concluding remarks reiterate the significant points made throughout the essay. Comments:...
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biodeisel 1 - cover his costs said"I don't think it's...

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