Chem+1310+Exp.+06+Exploring+Gas+Laws - Types of Chemical...

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Types of Chemical Reactions Excel Template Chem1310 Laboratory (C) 2003-2007 Tatsuya Maehigashi Chem 1310 Exp. 06 Exploring Gas Laws -Grading Guide (90 pts total) Data and Results Name: Josue Negron Lab Partner: Ahmed Ismail A: Determining R, the Gas Constant Date of Lab: 10 October 2009 TA: Joesph Conn Useful Units 1 mmHg = 1 torr 0 °C = 273.15 K R = 0.08 L atm/mol K 1 atm = 760 mmHg 1 in Hg = 0.03 atm Data Trial 1 Results Trial 1 Mass of Al (g) 0.025 Moles of Al 9.27E-04 Initial Volume of Buret (mL) 46.60 1.39E-03 Final Volume of Buret (mL) 12.40 0.967 Room Pressure (inHg) 28.94 0.945 Room Temperature (°C) 19.50 Volume of Gas (L) 0.034 0.022 Room Temperature (K) 292.650 0.0794 0.0813 Statistics Trial 1 3.197 0.903 Sample Calculations: Can be Handwritten or better to use Microsoft Equation Editor 4 pts 4 pts 4 pts B: Exploring Pressure-Volume Relationship Moles of H 2 P total (atm) P H2 (atm) Press Water at T above R (L atm/mol K) R (P not corrected) (L atm/mol K) % Error, R corrected from true
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Chem+1310+Exp.+06+Exploring+Gas+Laws - Types of Chemical...

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