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Chapter 3 Readings and Objectives

Chapter 3 Readings and Objectives - 3.6 Introduce the...

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Chapter 3 – Readings and Objectives All page numbers are associated with the customized GT Zumdahl 6 th ed. Textbook. 3.1: Describe how atomic masses are computed using mass spectrometry and the role of isotopes in this computation. p. 53 – 55 3.2: Define the mole and explain why it is important in chemistry. P. 56 – 58. 3.3: Develop the idea of molar mass and provide sample calculations. p. 58 - 59 3.4: Discuss the concept of percent composition with supporting examples. p. 60 -61 3.5: Explain how the concepts of the mole and molar mass are used collectively to identify the chemical formula of an unknown. P. 62 - 66
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Unformatted text preview: 3.6: Introduce the concept of chemical equations and methods used to balance the equations with a discussion of the importance of balancing equations. p. 66 - 70 3.7: Provide examples of stoichiometry calculations which will be emphasized throughout the semester. p. 70 - 73 3.8: Emphasize the significance of limiting reagents and discuss theoretical and percent yields. p. 73 – 79. Recommended Readings and Examples **(these are page numbers that I feel are most important to understand). p. 70 – 79 Example 3.10, p. 76 Example 3.11, p. 78...
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