Nomenclature Overview _Chapter 02_

Nomenclature Overview _Chapter 02_ - Georgia Institute of...

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Georgia Institute of Technology | CHEM 1310 | Dr. Cox | Fall Semester 2009 1 Nomenclature Recitation Worksheet (Zumdahl, p. 36 – 45) Week of 17 August 2008 Nomenclature Principles These consist of a cation (metal) and anion (nonmetal) pair held together by electrostatic forces arising from the differences in charge in the respective ions. Binary Ionic Compounds The cation is named first in the set, and depending on its location on the periodic table, a roman numeral may be required to denote its respective charge. Most transition metals (also known as d-block metals) require identification of charge. The anion name follows; however, if the anion is derived from a single atom, the ending “–ide” is added. Several anions which will be discussed in this course are not derived from single atoms, and these will have different suffixes. All alkali metals (Na, K, Rb, Cs) form ions with +1 charges. Cations (these are listed in tables 2.3, p. 37 and 2.4, p. 38 in the customized 6 th ed. Zumdahl textbook) All alkaline earth metals (Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) form ions with +2 charges. Fe 2+ and Fe 3+ iron (II) and iron (III) ferrous or ferric Cu + and Cu 2+ copper (I) and copper (II) cuprous or cupric Hg 2 2+ and Hg 2+ mercury (I) and mercury (II) mercurous or mercuric Pb 2+ and Pb 4+ lead (II) and lead (IV) plumbous or plumbic Sn 2+ and Sn 4+ tin (II) and tin (IV) stannous or stannic All halides form ions with a (-1) charge. Anions (these are listed in table 2.5, p. 38 in the Zumdahl textbook)
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Nomenclature Overview _Chapter 02_ - Georgia Institute of...

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