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Blog Eval Instructions 3 Jouse Negron

Blog Eval Instructions 3 Jouse Negron - 1/3 Laco13English...

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1/3 Laco13English 1102 – Writing about Film First Blog Evaluation – October 2, 2009 Instructions 1. Your honesty and objectivity in this self-evaluation process is vital. 2. You will evaluate your individual posts and the blog as a whole. 3. The criteria for these two parts reflect the specifications of this assignment. You can find these specifications inside the folder Assignments:Specifications on T-Square/Resources. Individual Evaluation Assign a grade to your blog contributions based on how well they meet the criteria below. a.You have authored and contributed with two posts to your blog. Yes. b. One post focuses on an assigned film and the other one on an assigned reading. Yes. c.You posted those two comments with two weeks in between. Yes. d. At least one post has a visual element (a picture or a video). Yes. e. Those two posts are about 150 words long or more. Yes. f. Quality of writing is mature or competent (engaging writing, well-organized
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