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Essay_1_Specifications - English 1102 Writing about Film...

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English 1102 • Writing about Film • Fall 2009 Essay 1: Specifications and Notes 1. The essay For this assignment, you will write a 900-word essay. In this essay you will build a sounding argument responding to any of these two prompts: (a) why are movies important, or not, to me? ; or (b) Why does this film mean so much to me? . As you answer one of this question, mention You should include evidence, such as examples or citations from authoritative voices, to support your point(s). 2. Type of Argument: Arguments to Explore In your textbook Everything is an Argument , the authors talk about “arguments to explore”. This essay is that type of argument. Here you are going to reflect on your own experience with cinema or one film in particular. You are also going to reflect on the importance of cinema. 3. Goals of this assignment This assignment has two main goals. First, in this essay you will demonstrate your skills as a writer. As a writer, you should display your rhetorical strategies to appeal and engage your readers. Those strategies start right from the title of your essay and continue with an engaging opening statement. Do not take too long to make clear what is your main point. To unpack your ideas, you should organize the building block of your
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