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1/8 Essay #1 - Peer Review Activity Due Dates 1. Friday September 11 . By class time, upload the essays you reviewed to the folder Essay 1 First Drafts with Comments on T-Square/Resources. You should upload two files. Each one containing a essay and your comments. See below for details. 2. Wednesday September 16 . By class time, submit in one document your self-evaluation and peers’ evaluations to T-Square/Assignment/Essay 1 Peer Review. See below for details. Process – Part 1. 1. Same blog groups for this activity . We will work in the same groups assigned for our blogs. 2. Each student reviews two papers . Within each group, students will assign papers. Each student must at least review two of them. 3. No exchange of papers . Do not simply exchange papers. Follow this approach: A reviews B ’s and C ’s papers. B reviews C ’s and D ’s papers. C reviews D ’s paper and E ’s papers. D reviews E ’s paper and A ’s papers. E reviews A ’s paper and B ’s papers. 4. Download to your computer the first paper you will review . All students should have already uploaded their first drafts to the Essay 1 First Drafts for Peer Review folder. In addition, they should have submitted the same document to T-Square/Assignments/Essay 1 (First Draft). 5. Make sure that you will be able to open all documents and that your peers will be able to open yours and those your rename. What type of software is everyone using? That is a key question. 6. Rename file. Follow this format: Yourlastname_commentson_AuthorsLastname.doc
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2/8 Process – Part 2 7. Important: If you have CompClass, check section 1.3b on the electronic book. On the latest edition of the e-book check section 17. On The St. Martin’s Handbook , check pages 81-100. 8. MLA style guides. Check chapter 27 on the latest edition of the e-book. You can also find them on The St. Martin’s Handbook ’s chapter 18. 9. Talk to your peer to cover specific needs . Does your peer want specific help on the paper? 10. Notes and feedback summary . Even though you will make suggestions through the paper, summarize your feedback in a paragraph at the end of the draft as if you were writing a letter. 11. Questions. Ask the following questions: a. Does this paper carry out the assignment? b. Does the paper follow MLA style? Correct headings, correct date format, are all pages numbered? c.
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Essay+1+Peer+Review+F09 - 1/8 Essay#1 Peer Review Activity...

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