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English 1102 • Writing about Film • Fall 2009 T-Square Forums: Four Points 1. Forums: a description Talking about Movies is our forum dedicated to discuss five of the film we will watching throughout the semester. You can find this forum by clicking on the button Forums in the Course Tools menu on the first screen of our site on T-Square. 2. Contributions to topics in this forum Students must contribute to the forum by writing at least a five-sentence paragraph as part of their reaction to the film under discussion. Students must demonstrate that they have watched the film by providing specific and punctual examples of a scene, or scenes, or certain aspects of the movie. Student must avoid general statements. Obviously, copying what another student has already said
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Unformatted text preview: will defeat the purpose of a contribution, therefore, affecting this assignment’s grade. 3. Dates of our discussions in the forums area Participation in our discussions in the forums area is limited to a specific time frame. Discussion will start a couple of day prior the deadline and end by the specific due date by class time. 4. Films and dates Discussion on "House of Flying Daggers" - Starts: 09/09 - Ends: 09/11 by class time Discussion on "Memento" - Starts: 09/23 Ends: 09/25 by class time Discussion on "Crash" - Starts: 09/30 Ends: 10/02 by class time Discussion on "Brick Lane" - Starts: 11/04 Ends: 11/06 by class time Discussion on "Control Room" - Starts: 11/18 Ends: 11/20 by class time Page 1 of 1...
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