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Jared Mezquita Mr. Tejada November 18, 2009 Section A1 British Cinema Cinema in America has been around for as long as television. Cinema has grown to be a part of American culture and by the 1930s movies were being created. Cinema was seen as something to do for fun as a family activity, and an event that many could look forward to. Unlike the American cinema, British cinema did not grow at the pace American cinema did. The main reason is because Hollywood was their competition, at this time Hollywood was arguably at the top. As a result in the 1960s two British film critics claimed that British cinema was an “unknown cinema” and that it was not structured. Until the last couple of decades British cinema has become more popular than in later years. Even though American films are aired and played all over the world, American films are also heavily watched in British cities. Although this is the case the British have been very successful in the last couple of decades. They may not have began and grown as fast
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Unformatted text preview: America but they emerged into their own style and technique. Films such as “The Last King of Scotland” and the “Harry Potter” series have established England as a very prominent film industry . These films have attracted audiences worldwide. British cinema has gained recognition in the last couple of decades, director David Yates is one of the English directors that has placed British cinema on the international level. The Harry Potter series is very different than what many have seen, it involves magic and a young group of kids who solve difficult tasks and obstacles. David Yates demonstrates in these films, that books can also be brought to life through film. He countered what many have to say about movies not being as good as books. Many may also believe that this is just for the young audience, in reality it is for anyone....
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negron_commentson_mezquita - America but they emerged into...

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