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Name: Tawsif M. Nadir Prof. Manuel Perez Tejada Date: October 7, 2009 Analysis of Rush Hour 2 Rush Hour 2 is a comedic film made in 2001 that tells us the story of two detectives, Carter and Lee, who goes on about their journey to bring down a smuggler and his gang who are counterfeiting billions of dollars in US money. The film gives us an insight into how race and ethnicity can help us understand the stereotypes and other beliefs held on by people of various races. Through the analysis of this film, we can fully comprehend how race and ethnicity have distinguished meanings based on the text in which they are being analyzed in. One interesting fact about Rush Hour 2 is that it gives us an insight to Asian Americans through the point of view of an African American, instead of white people even though part of the movie is set in Los Angeles, where the ethnic diversity is persistent. The film also deploys technique in which the stereotyped image of a group of people oscillates between good and bad. When we mix the stereotyped image and the moral assessment of a group that gives us the full stereotype as a single image. Other than the theory of race and ethnicity, the film also portrays that various types of shots may have on the film and thus give us a better view of what the film makers want us to think and also in some instances to better understand the stereotypes presented. Throughout the film, the filmmakers give us a clear understanding of the effect of race and ethnicity in the film on stereotypes towards the Asians through analyzing different shots posed throughout the film.
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In the first part of the film, the encounter between detectives, Carter and Lee, lets the audience know about their funny humor and also at the same type exposes the audience to the stereotypes held by an African American towards Asians and vice versa. Right when Carter
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negron_commentson_nadir - Name Tawsif M Nadir Prof Manuel...

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