Cover letter - Josu J Negron Matheson 417 713 Techwood Dr Atlanta Georgia 30332 Holly Shikano GT-1000-D10 Instructor The Georgia Institute of

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Josué J. Negron Matheson 417 713 Techwood Dr. Atlanta, Georgia, 30332 April 12, 2010 Holly Shikano GT-1000-D10 Instructor The Georgia Institute of Technology 219 Uncle Heinie Way Atlanta, Georgia, 30332 Dear Mrs. Shikano: Your profile entry in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Professional Practice Division Database (P2D2) for an entry-level position captivated my attention as I prepare to embark on my professional career as I study at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I say “professional” because I have worked steadily throughout high school, gaining valuable experience that equips me to present your firm with advantages others may not offer. As you can see from my attached resume and transcript, I have a solid academic background and developed leadership skills through the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and by serving as president of the National Beta Club. In addition, as a
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