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Daksha Vaid Writing 140, Section # 64560D Dr. David Tomkins 11 th September 2009 Assignment # 1 A Journey towards Truth Human beings tend to satisfy themselves and get influenced by the expertise of one discipline only to be challenged by the expertise of another discipline claiming to have the correct meaning and definition of human origin. Many human beings make these choices during their formative years. The evolution-creation debate has its roots steeped into history- with both sides arguing that they are correct- it only adds to the confusion and misunderstanding that the debate creates. There are a body of people who are not convinced of the truth of religion, and there are a body of people who are not convinced with the realities of science and evolution. The ‘choice’ made by a student therefore, becomes the most important feature to ascertain whether a student is religious or scientific- which side of the debate does he or she stand on? However, what we forget is that maybe we do not provide the correct tools for these students to make this choice, maybe our resources tend to be biased against a particular side, thus impressing our views and beliefs on them. Whether science triumphs over religion or religion triumphs over science- is a choice every individual has a right to make, unfortunately the school already makes the choice for the student by presenting the facts and beliefs from only one side of the debate, thus imposing their own
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ideas and choices on the student instead of letting them decide and forming their own opinion. In western religions, God is understood to be the creator of the world, and believers can understand nature only by seeing it as God’s handiwork. It is believed that God independently created each species of living things as described in the Bible. Thus, religion serves to provide people with moral and spiritual guidance in their lives. Biologists on the other hand believe that evolution has no moral or spiritual purpose. They hold that different species have evolved naturally from a common ancestor and that
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Assignment 1 - Daksha Vaid Writing 140, Section # 64560D...

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