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dvaid.A2.140 - Daksha Vaid Writing 140 Section 64560D Dr...

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Daksha Vaid Writing 140, Section # 64560D Dr. David Tomkins 30 th September 2009 Assignment #2 A Denial of the Divine “ To suggest that the first cause, the great unknown which is responsible for something existing rather than nothing, is a being capable of designing the universe and of talking to a million people simultaneously, is a total abdication of the responsibility to find an explanation. It is a dreadful exhibition of self- indulgent, thought-denying skyhookery.” -Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, Page 125 In his book ‘The God Delusion’ Dawkins argues against all creationist explanations of the origin of life. His argument can be best described as a forensic argument in which he accuses anti-atheists of being incredibly naïve. He claims that the speedy resort to a dramatic proclamation of anything supernatural represents a failure of imagination. According to Dawkins, in the mind of a creationist, the logic is this: areas where there is a lack of data, or a lack of understanding, are automatically assumed to belong, by default, to God. He tries to convince his audience by using the ‘ logos ’ aspect of the rhetorical triangle. He uses the bacterial flagellar motor, the difficulty faced by mathematicians in determining the value of ‘X’, the problem of not being able to find a cure for cancer etc. as examples of the ‘irreducibly complex problems that the scientists are unable to find answers to and are therefore tagged as problems to which the explanation of ‘God’s infinite power of miracles’ is put. He tries to appeal to the
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logical side of the readers mind and suggests that God is rationally improbable. Dawkins points out that it may be crude, unsubtle and direct to ask factual questions of religious people but it is impossible for an educated person to admit in believing miracles like the virgin birth without embarrassment. When pressed, many educated Christians today are too loyal to deny the virgin birth and the resurrection, but it embarrasses them because their rational minds know it is absurd, so they would much rather not be asked (Page 187, The God Delusion). He argues that the argument from improbability is a very serious argument against the existence of God for which he has yet to find a suitable answer. However, Dawkins’ approach to presenting his argument includes a variety of logical fallacies and fails to offer a viable alternative to many of his claims. Dawkins can be criticized of directing an extremely sharp offensive against the theological and religious beliefs held in society even though he himself lacks competence in the field under discussion. Dawkins demonstrates the huge improbability of the existence of the supreme being by
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dvaid.A2.140 - Daksha Vaid Writing 140 Section 64560D Dr...

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