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final draft - Daksha Vaid Dr. Karin Huebner Research Paper...

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Daksha Vaid Dr. Karin Huebner Research Paper 4 th December 2009 Responses to Charles Darwin’s The Expression of Emotions In Man And Animals, 1872-1900 Why do we open our mouths when we listen intently? Why do we shrug our shoulders when uncertain about something? Why do we blush when embarrassed? Why do we become pale when sad and pout when angry? Darwin’s Expression of emotion in Man and Animals would have been an extraordinary book if it had only answered these compelling questions about human emotions. Expression drew parallels between a scared man and a light stricken deer, an angry man and a hostile dog, an affectionate cat and a loving mother. It proved that not just the body but the human mind, which produces these emotions and expressions, is the product of evolution. This paper attempts to give a brief history of how and when Expression was published, and compare the creationist and evolutionist responses to the book. Even though Expression was a revolutionary work in the study of emotions, due to unknown reasons, the second edition of this book was not published during Darwin’s lifetime. Even Darwin’s ardent supporters had trouble accepting the descent of man from animal origins and were not able to agree to Darwin’s extension of his theory of sexual selection to expressions in humans and animals. The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals was originally published in 1872, after the publication of his book The Descent of Man in 1871. In his study Darwin attempted to prove shared evolution between man and animal using behavior and
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expression as evidence. He contended that men adorned with particular countenances resemble similar expression found in particular animals. Darwin concluded that his theory supported the concept that man is derived from some lower animal. This served to establish a connection between the animal and human kingdom and further reinstate his theory of sexual selection which he published in his book The Descent of Man . The material Darwin published in Expression was originally intended for inclusion in his book on human evolution, The Descent of Man . In The Descent of Man , Darwin applied the evolutionary theory to the human race which implied that human origins were from animals. While this book was intended to trace the structure and function of human evolution, the material on function became so extensive that it had to be published separately. Expression was a sequel to Darwin’s earlier book and aimed to further substantiate his theory on sexual selection. The second edition of
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final draft - Daksha Vaid Dr. Karin Huebner Research Paper...

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