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ARE112_Fa09_E01_A - ARE 112 Fall 2009 Exam#1 PRINT Your...

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ARE 112 – Fall 2009 Exam #1 PRINT Your Name: ______________________ ___________________ (first) (last) PRINT Last four digits of your student identification number: __ __ __ __ and make sure it is on the Scantron – PRINTED. Exam Instructions: 1. The exam is closed book, no notes. 2. You have until 5:30 PM to complete the exam and turn it in. 3. When that time comes, we will start to collect the exams. If your exam is late getting into the exam box, minus 20 points. 4. Do not continue to work on the exam after you are informed the exam time is over or your exam will not be graded. 5. If you are done early, bring you exam to the front. 6. Please check that your cell phones and pagers are turned off. 7. Once the exam starts we are stuck here until you are done, so if you need some water and the like, get it now. 8. If you have a question on wording on the exam, answer as best you can. Make a note on the exam as to how you interpreted the question. We are not able to answer questions during the exam. 9. I have a few extra pencils 10. If a questions in not clear, make a comment on the exam. 11. Pace yourself Check your emails for material for Wednesday’s class READ THE QUESTIONS WITH CARE Do not read things into the questions. Page 1 of 9
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Exam #1 Part I – Multiple Choice Questions – 35 at two points each. Answer each question as indicated and put your answer on the Scantron. I would also recommend that you put your answer on the exam as well. Choose what you think is the best answer . If you think a question is unclear, put a comment on the exam under or next to the question. Read each question slowly and carefully. 1. How many kids did Alex have in the story: a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. did not say 2. In Babe, the farmer entered the contest at: a. the animal auction b. church c. the fair d. none of the above 3. In the “Young Woman” case she had to: a. fly home b. drive to work c. teach a class d. cross a bridge e. none of the above 4. The domain analysis or the sociotechnical approach is: a. an example of the systems approach to organization behavior analysis b. would best fit into the behavioral school of management c. would best fit into the classical school of management d. both a. and b. are correct e. both a. and c. are correct 5. When Jonah talked about a balanced plant, he wanted to balance: a. the capacity b. the efficiency c. flow of the product to the market d. none of the above are correct 6. The colored tape was used to mark: a. reports that were submitted b. reports that were not submitted c. the parts in the plant that were in process d. both a. and b. are correct 7. The city in Peru showed that “organizations” like this city formed as a result of: a. defenses against invasions b. artistic and cultural forces c. increased commerce. d.
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ARE112_Fa09_E01_A - ARE 112 Fall 2009 Exam#1 PRINT Your...

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