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Test Three Questions & Answers - True/False 1. Since...

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True/False 1. Since the heritability and heterosis of traits are inversely related, carcass traits which have low heritability, exhibit high levels of heterosis. False 2. The genotype of an animal is the result of its phenotype plus the environment. False 3. Selection changes gene frequency. True 4. Epinephrine and insulin are two hormones that are responsible for the fight or flight response in animals. False 5. The leydig cells of the ovary produce and secrete testosterone. False 6. A three breed rotational crossbreeding program has more heterosis compared to a two breed rotational crossbreeding program. True 7. Relaxin causes relaxation of the cervix during estrus to allow sperm to move through the cervix into the uterus for fertilization. False 8. The stallion does not have a sigmoid flexure. True 9. A high level of progesterone in the blood stream of a cow means that an LH surge will occur within 8-12 hours. False 10. Fertilization in domestic animals occurs at the junction between the uterus and to vagina. False (ampulla-isthmus junction) 11. Prolactin is an endocrine hormone secreted by the anterior pituitary gland that induces maternal behavior. True 12. The pituitary is located at the base of the brain and functions to regulate hormonal secretion by the hypothalamus. False 13. Epitasis is the interaction between genes at different loci. True
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Test Three Questions & Answers - True/False 1. Since...

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