ADSC 2000 Test One - Sheep Birth Weight: 10 lbs (7-15)...

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Sheep Birth Weight: 10 lbs (7-15) Mature Weight: 175 lbs (125-350) Fleece Weight: 6-10 lbs/yr medium wool 10-15 lbs/yr fine wool Rectal Temperature: 102.3 F Heart rate/min: 75 Respiration rate: 19 Lifespan: 8 years Gestation: 150 days Eyesight: poor to moderate Hearing: Good Smell: Good Intelligence: Low Herding Instinct: Very strong Defense: Flight Females: Ewe Castrated Male: Wether Intact male: Ram/Buck Young Sheep: Lamb Breeding Months: September - October Gestation: Septemper - February Lambing: February - April Haemonchus contortus - Barberpole worm Treated with Famacha System- measures levels of anemia or blood loss (Eye score chart) Causes bottle jaw Anathematic = dewormer Adult female worms produce eggs that are passed thru manure, hatch and develop in the pasture until they infect the next host. Drug resistance is passed on through generations Determine resistance by a Fecal Egg Count Reduction Test Administer oral dewormers at the back of the mouth Rotate dewormers on an annual basis Reduce # of treatments helps to decrease resistance to the parasites. Eye Scores should be done every 2 weeks. Foot-rot : hoof become soft and smell bad and are anaerobic (lives w/out oxygen) Pigs Birth Weight: 3.5 lbs (1-6) Mature Weight: 450 lbs (375-600) Rectal Temperature: 102.3 F Heart Rate/min: 75 (70-100) Respiration: 15-40 Lifespan: 3-4 years (2-10) Gestation: 114 days Eyesight: Good Hearing: Good Smell: Excellent (truffle hunters) Intelligence: Highest among farm animals Herding Instinct: Moderate to low Defense: Flight or fight Intact Male: boar Castrated Male: barrow Mature Castrated Male: stag Mature Female: Sow Immature Female: Gilt Young swine: pig, piglet, weaners Grower: hogs weighing 50-175lbs Finisher: hogs weighing 175-300lbs Shoats: old term for grower pig Sees movement better than objects, very curious, loves exploring, easily distracted Have very good memory, make experiences positive Will follow a leader, but not blindly Identification: Ear notches, ear tags, paint brands, tattoos Types of Ultrasounds: A mode or amplitude: linear image B mode or brightness: 2 dimensional Volume mode: 3 dimensional Use vegetable oil to reduce air between equipment and skin Speed of ultrasound: muscle 1620, fat
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ADSC 2000 Test One - Sheep Birth Weight: 10 lbs (7-15)...

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