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exam 1 key version 2 - KET CHEM 22ll Test Organic Chemistry...

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KET CHEM 22ll Test I Organic Chemistry Friday, June 20' 2003 Chapters 1 - 3 Name @rint) PLEDGE: I HAYE NEITIIER GTVEN NOR RECEryED HELP DURING TIIIS TEST. Social Security # o a a Signature INSTRUCTIONS Do not @ over the first page until you are instructed to begin the test. Keep your eyes on your own test. You have approximately one hour to complete the exam, so take your time and do not rush. , If you have any questions about azy problem, please ask Dr; Bowen or the T.A. Score Written Examination (100 pts) Score Score Score Score Problem I Problem 6 Problem 11 Problem 16 Problem2 Problem3 - Problem4 Problems - Problem 7 Problem 8 - Problem 9 Problem 10 - Problem 12 Problem 13 - Problem 14 - Problem 15 - Problem 17 - Problem 18 - Problem 19 - TOTAL
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FET ,2'-r-?- fl.- 1 1 l3 LS zg*217 ziz CIIEM 2211 Exam I (Summer 2003) 1. Which of the following electronic configurations corresponds to atomic oxygen? 'Which of the foiiowing have bonds that may be classified as covalent (or polar covalent)? Page2 (4 pts.) (4 pts.) (4 pts.) (4 pts.) CHrOH TV (a) ls22st2p*tzprt2p), (b) !s22s22p^22pro2p! (.)_ l*2s22p,t2piZp: @tr= zs=2p,=zpr:2p.= (e) ls22*2p"22pr'2p1, caQ : -I I j (a) I,IV o tl f H3c'\oH (b) (c) (d) (e) cH3cttcH3 tr O) LT,TV NaCl IV d) il, m, v. cH3oH HrO m (c) tr Itr. HBr tV. HI (e) Itr, V o CH3O tr + I = base; II = acid: Itr = conjugate acid; fV = conjugate base I = base; II = acid: m = conjugate base; fV = conjugate acid None of the above 3. Rairk ttre following according to their acidity (most acidic io least acidic). I.
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exam 1 key version 2 - KET CHEM 22ll Test Organic Chemistry...

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