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Homework assignment 5 Business Case Mohamed A. Heyine 2489393 Sushant Arora 2505446
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Executive Summary Business as we know it is always evolving and maturing. As that takes place the benefit are shrinking and competition is getting more and more aggressive. In the long run a company needs to be able to distinguish itself in such changing and unstable clement. What better way can a company do this than by advancing it maturity level and gaining more trust in the business world. More than 5% of the world companies are at the same level as our company (CMM level 3). It is time for our company to take the next step and distinguish itself by rising to the challenge and advancing to CMM level 4. This will bring a better practice, more efficiency, and more contract our way. On the other hand, if this doesn’t take place while we are ahead, this could lead to loosing the big government contracts to other competitors. So it is better to be proactive rather than react to the market standard and demands. Since we have established the need to improve our CMM level from level 3 to 4, it is necessary to lay out a path and a cost (strategy). To accomplish this mission, we will base our study on the business case presented in the article “Playing the game of Dungeons and Dragons”. But before that it is important to introduce CMM level 3 to see where the company is and CMM level 4 to see where we are going: Level 3 - Defined It is characteristic of processes at this level that there are sets of defined and documented
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business case - Homework assignment 5 Business Case Mohamed...

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