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HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT # 1 CIS 635 The Uniword Case study By: Sushant Arora CSU ID # 2505446 1.Identify all success -critical stakeholders.
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Success Critical Stake holders are one that are critical to achieve success or in other terms success depends upon them.Here looking at the Uniword case study Success critical stake holders are:- Joan Black as president of Universal Micros Inc. George Green as president of softwizards Inc. Bill Brown as a project manager working for softwizards Inc. Karen gray as a deputy project manager working for Softwizrds Inc. Team of other four people working under Bill brown and Karen Gray. Sam Silver Softwizards DBMS expert of Softwizards Inc. . Four other people who were afterwards added to the project for six weeks. Finally,users who will be using the product. 2.Understand SCS Win conditions. The SCS win conditions are as follows:- Universal Micros Inc. and Joan Black being customers ,if they would have able to launch the full working Uniword product as per their specifications and at National Computer Conference between July 9-12, 1984 then they would have won. Softwizards Inc. and George green being the developers ,if they would have developed the product with proper planning and understanding and deliver what Universal Micros were looking for in nine months time then they must have won and achieved success they were aiming for. Bill Brown and Karen Gray being critical for development of the product were more involved in ego clashes rather than compromising and looking for a mutual path because if they would have done this they would have succeeded. Even the team of other members chosen were not well qualified like Bill Brown and
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