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Factors Affecting Effective Software Quality Management Revisited Nasib S. Gill Department of Computer Science & Applications, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak – 124001 Haryana (India) Email: [email protected] Abstract Developing a good software system is a very complex task. In order to produce a good software product, several measures for software quality attributes need to be taken into account. System complexity measurement plays a vital role in controlling and managing software quality because it generally affects the software quality attributes like software reliability, software testability and software maintainability. Thus, software quality assurance (SQA) needs to be addressed keeping in view the new strategies, tool, methodologies and techniques applicable to software development life cycle. This paper is primarily aimed at revisiting and examining peculiar aspects of software development process that affect software quality management process. These aspects of software development process include software reliability measurement, ISO approach applicable to software quality and some aspects related to software testing improvement. Software testing and evaluation methods/tools/techniques do not guarantee effective testing and ensure high software quality. The way to improve the effectiveness of testing is to improve the attitude of software developers towards testing. In this paper, all these factors affecting software quality management have been discussed as well as all the possible improvements have been suggested. The results of this paper may be quite helpful to the researchers in quantifying the specific measuring tools for these software quality attributes. Keywords: Software Quality, Software Quality Management, Software Reliability, ISO, Software Quality Assurance. 1. Introduction Software quality is gaining much more attention these days as well as much more emphasis is being placed on production of high quality software products. Software development is a complex process requiring careful integration of diverse disciplines, technical activities, project management etc. Most software are produced by the co-operative effort of many designers and programmers working over a period of man years. The resulting product can’t be fully understood by any person. No matter how elegant the methods used to test the final product, how complete the documentation, how structured the methodology, the development plans, the project reviews, the walkthroughs, the database management, the configuration control, no matter how advanced the tools and techniques - all will come to nothing and the project will fail if the quality management system is not effective. 2.
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p3-gill - ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes Page 1...

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