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[CS M51A S10] A SSIGNMENT 1 Assigned: 04/02/10, Due: 04/09/10 TA: Guojie Luo ( [email protected] ) Rules of Engagement: Exercises are for your practice – solutions are provided so you can check your work. Homework problems must be submitted on the specified due date before lecture starts. Once lecture starts, homework is considered late and will not be accepted. Please write legibly and follow directions. Exercises From the book: Ex 2.1, Ex 2.7, Ex 2.15, Ex 2.31, Ex 2.39 Homework Problems (35 points total) Problem 1 (10 points) A pattern detector has as input a 44 matrix whose elements take values 0, 1, 2, or 3. The output is 1 if the matrix contains the pattern 10 01    as a sub-matrix, and is 0 otherwise. Give a high-level description of the system in terms of conditional logic expression. How many rows would a tabular description have?
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