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Unformatted text preview: Personal Construct Psychology is a way of looking at the world. The founder, George Kelly, presents a theory that gives an account of how people experience the world and make sense of that experience. The key message of the Personal Construction Theory is that the world is 'perceived' by a person in terms of whatever 'meaning' that person applies to it and the person has the freedom to choose a different 'meaning' of whatever he or she wants. In other words, as suggested by George Kelly, the original proponent of the theory, the person has the 'freedom to choose' the meaning that one prefers or likes. He called this alternative constructivism. In simple words, the person is capable of applying alternative constructions (meanings) to any events in the past, present or future. The person is not a prisoner of one's 'biography or past' and could liberate oneself from the misery of 'miserable' events if one desires by reconstruing (reinterpreting and redefining) them. The theory rejects the existing schism between affect, reconstruing (reinterpreting and redefining) them....
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