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Tina Dan Linda Scenario - The fact that Tina and Dan as...

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The fact that Tina and Dan as newlyweds who practiced abstinence prior to being marriage, should not have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases, such as STD’s or HIV/AIDS if they are monogamous. Therefore, birth control options available to them include barrier methods such as a diaphragm, cervical cap, or hormonal birth control such as birth control pills, or a patch. Methods such as Depo – provera shot, IUD, or implants may not be the best option, because they tend to be a longer term of birth control, given the fact that Tina and Dan plan on starting a family within the year these options are not recommended. Advantages of using a diaphragm include the fact that there is not a pill to remember to take on a daily basis. Also, there are no hormonal effects from this method; spontaneity may not always be possible because the diaphragm needs to be inserted prior to intercourse. Birth control pills are very reliable 98% of the time, as long as they are taken and prescribed properly. The
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