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assignment problem

assignment problem - subcontractor from accepting more than...

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An Assignment Problem The Short Circuitry Company Inc., a manufacturer of complex electronic equipment, has an order for several thousand units of a newly designed product which is assembled from component modules. The company’s chief engineer, Annette Werk, has decided to subcontract for 4 of the components, and has selected 4 outside subcontractors who have demonstrated high- quality performance capability on previous occasions. Each job is sizable enough to prevent a
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Unformatted text preview: subcontractor from accepting more than one task. Ms. Werk solicited bids from each contractor on each of the modules. The bids she received are tabulated below: Subcontractor Bid (000) Subcontractor 1 Subcontractor 2 Subcontractor 3 Subcontractor 4 Component 1 14 5 8 7 Component 2 2 12 6 5 Component 3 7 8 3 9 Component 4 2 4 6 10 What assignments should Ms. Werk make to minimize the cost of subcontracting the components?...
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