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Experiment 1 Lab Report

Experiment 1 Lab Report - Jessica Luke 1 Experiment Title...

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Jessica Luke 1 Experiment Title: General Laboratory Techniques Course: Chemistry 112 Section: 04 TA: Amanda Appel Date Due: 01/29/10 Laboratory Group: Jessica Luke Jamie Gustafson Austin Dilts
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Jessica Luke 2 Abstract: The pH of Coca Cola, Vinegar, Drano, and Ammonia was determined by both pH testing paper strips and a pH meter. The pH meter obviously had a more accurate test than the paper strips. Background: Testing pH is revealing a substance as acidic, basic, or neutral. An acid is a substance that releases Hydrogen ions (protons) into a solution. A base is a substance that absorbs Hydrogen ions in a solution. A pH scale ranges from 0-14. 1-6 pH numbers are ranges of acidic substances. Substances with a pH of 8-14 are bases. 7 is the pH of a neutral substance. Procedure: First pH paper strips were used. To determine the pH of a substance using the strips, you dip the strip into the solution and it changes color. Match the colors as close as possible just by looking at the scale and comparing it to the strip. Then enter the match and the computer automatically generated the exact pH of
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