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Experiment 23 Lab Report

Experiment 23 Lab Report - Abstract Using paper...

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Abstract: Using paper chromatography the separation of the colors in green dye was done. With the use of chromatography, it was proven that green colored dye is a mixture of blue and yellow dye. Background: Knowing the colors in a mixture can be helpful. For example, if while cooking though it is probably optional, a recipe calls for the food to be colored, and the color you would like isn’t readily available for you to use, you could mix two colors to obtain the color you wish to use for the recipe. Procedure: Refer to Experiment 23 in Utecht, R.; Downey, T; Miller, M; Hirko, R. Chem 112L-General Chemistry I Laboratory, 3 rd ed., Cache House, Inc: Eden Prairie, MN, 2009. Observations: The green dye had moved up the paper and had two spots, a yellow and a blue one. The yellow spot from the green dye was measured at 2.2 cm. The blue spot from the green dye was measured 3.1 cm. (This is probably an error and the spot may have moved past the solvent front while the paper was drying before being measured.) The yellow dye measured 2.4 cm. The blue dye
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