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Bio 151 Lab Report-Osmosis (template)

Bio 151 Lab Report-Osmosis (template) - outcomes and/or...

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Biology 151 Name: Jessica Luke Lab Report Lab Section #: section 04 Ex. ____ Title: Observing Osmosis Authors : Jessica Luke Introduction : The first sentence should succinctly provide background information from the literature (include citation). The second sentence should be the specific objective of this work that was completed. This should be in past tense, succinct and in paragraph format. Materials and Methods: Concisely summarize the methods used for the specific objective listed in the introduction, including all the pertinent steps, amounts, times, etc. Use paragraph format, past tense, passive voice, not first person. “The potatoes were peeled and homogenized for 10 min.” Use accepted abbreviations: ml, min, hr, etc. (Cite author, date). Results : The text includes complete sentences, paragraph format, past tense, and addresses the specific objective . Refer to your Figures or Tables in the text. Clearly record findings,
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Unformatted text preview: outcomes and/or data of the specific objective only . The graphic illustrations, such as graphs, chats, tables or images, must be included and clearly and appropriately labeled (title, x/y axes, units of measurement, etc). They must have complete Figure or Table captions. (Various images will be provided on the 151 Notes web page that can be inserted into the report document.) Discussion: Interpret the findings and data in relation to existing knowledge, expected outcomes and specific objective. Use paragraph format and cite literature (both from the text and manual). Example: (Brooker et al. 2008). References: (Use these two sources and cite in body of report.) Brooker R, Widmaier E, Graham L, Stiling P. 2008. Biology, 1 st Ed., Boston: McGraw Hill. 93-101 Vodopich D, Moore R. 2005. Biology Laboratory Manual, 8 th Ed., Boston: McGraw-Hill. 93-95....
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