Module 6 - Mass of blood in vessel 5. Echocardiogram (R)...

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Writing Assignment - Module #6 - Cardiovascular System. Break down the following medical terms into: Prefixes (P), Root terms (R), Combining vowels (CV) and Suffixes (S). Also, provide 1)an interpretation of the term’s meaning based strictly on its components and 2)a dictionary or textbook definition of each medical term. Students should refer to Chapter 1 in their textbook to learn how to break down a medical term into its component parts. When you have completed the assignment, submit it as a Word document to “Writing Assignment - Module 6” in the Dropbox. 1. Endocardium (P) endo (R) cardium (S) N/A Interpretation: Inside the heart Definition: Pertaining to the inner layer of the heart 2. Atrioventricular (R) atri (CV) o (R) ventricul (S) ar Interpretation: Atrium and ventricle Definition: Pertaining to atrium and ventricle 3. Phlebotomy (R) phelb (CV) o (S) tomy Interpretation: Vein incision Definition: Surgical incision into vein 4. Hemangioma (R)hema (R) angi (S) oma Interpretation: Blood and vessel tumor Definition:
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Unformatted text preview: Mass of blood in vessel 5. Echocardiogram (R) ech (CV) o (R) cardi (CV) o (S) gram Interpretation: Sound and heart record Definition: Record of heart from an evaluation of a structure with sound waves 6. Tachycardia (P) tachy (R) cardi (S) ia Interpretation: Abnormally fast heart condition Definition: Condition of an abnormally fast heart beat 7. Sphygmomanometer (R) sphygm (CV) o (R) man (CV) o (S) meter Interpretation: Pulse pressure device that measures Definition: Device that measures pulse and blood pressure 8. Thrombophlebitis (R) thromb (CV) o (R) phleb (S) itis Interpretation: Clot and vein inflammation Definition: Inflammation of vein due to a clot 9. Arrhythmia (P) a (R) rrhythm (S) ia Interpretation: Without rhythm condition Definition: Condition of no rhythm 10. Angiocardiography (R) angi (CV) o (R) cardi (CV) o (S) graphy Interpretation: Vessel and heart study Definition: Radiographic study of blood vessels and heart using contrast material...
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Module 6 - Mass of blood in vessel 5. Echocardiogram (R)...

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