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Module 8 - Rhinopneumonitis(R rhin(CV o(R pneumon(S itis...

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Writing Assignment - Module #8 - Respiratory System. Break down the following medical terms into: Prefixes (P), Root terms (R), Combining vowels (CV) and Suffixes (S). Also, provide 1)an interpretation of the term’s meaning based strictly on its components and 2)a dictionary or textbook definition of each medical term. When you have completed the assignment, submit it as a Word document to “Writing Assignment - Module 8” in the Dropbox. 1. Bronchopneumonia (R) bronch (CV) o (R) pneumon (S) ia Interpretation: bronchi and lungs condition Definition: abnormal condition of lungs and bronchi 2. Rhinoplasty (R) rhin (CV) o (S) plasty Interpretation: nose repair Definition: surgical repair of nose 3. Atelectasis (R) atel (S) ectasis Interpretation: incomplete dilation or enlargement Definition: incomplete expansion of alveoli 4. Tachypnea (P) tachy (S) pnea Interpretation: abnormally fast breathing Definition: abnormally fast breathing 5.
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Unformatted text preview: Rhinopneumonitis (R) rhin (CV) o (R) pneumon (S) itis Interpretation: nose and lung inflammation Definition: inflammation of lungs and nasal mucous membranes 6. Cyanosis (R) cyan (S) osis Interpretation: blue condition Definition: condition of blue coloring due to lack of oxygen 7. Hypercapnia (P) hyper (R) capn (S) ia Interpretation: excessive carbon dioxide condition Definition: condition of excessive carbon dioxide 8. Bronchiole (R) bronch (CV) i (S) ole Interpretation: bronchus small Definition: small branches of bronchi 9. Tracheotomy (R) trache (CV) o (S) tomy Interpretation: trachea insicion Definition: incision into trachea 10. Apnea (P) a (S) pnea Interpretation: without breathing Definition: condition of not breathing 11. Extra Credit: Rhinoceros (R) rhin (CV) o (R) cer (S) os Interpretation: nose and horn condition Definition: condition of having horned nose...
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Module 8 - Rhinopneumonitis(R rhin(CV o(R pneumon(S itis...

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