Module 1 - optic (S) al Interpretation: vision pertaining...

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Writing Assignment - Module #1 - Dissecting medical terms. Break down the following medical terms into: Prefixes (P), Root terms (R), Combining vowels (CV) and Suffixes (S). Also, provide 1)an interpretation of the term’s meaning based strictly on its components and 2)a dictionary or textbook definition of each medical term. Students should refer to Chapter 1 in their textbook to learn how to break down a medical term into its component parts. When you have completed the assignment, submit it as a Word document to “Writing Assignment - Module 1” in the Dropbox. EXAMPLE. 1. pancytopenia (P) pan (R) cyt (CV) o (S) penia Interpretation: “all” “cell” “deficiency or reduction in number” Definition: deficiency of all types of blood cells. 2. neuralgia (R) neur (S) algia Interpretation: “nerve” “pain” Definition: pain in nerves 3. gastroenterology (R) gastr (CV) o (R) enter (CV) o (S) logy Interpretation: “stomach” “intestine” “study of” Definition: study of stomach and intestine 4. optical (R)
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Unformatted text preview: optic (S) al Interpretation: vision pertaining to Definition: pertaining to vision 5. cardiomyopathy (R) cardi CV) o (R) my (CV) o (S) pathy Interpretation: heart muscle disease Definition: disease of heart muscle 6. tonsillectomy (R) tonsill (S) ectomy Interpretation: tonsil removal Definition: removal of tonsils 7. laryngitis (R) laryng (S) itis Interpretation: voice box inflammation Definition: inflammation of voice box 8. colonoscopy (R) colon (CV) o (S) scopy Interpretation: colon process of visually examining Definition: process of visually examining colon 9. microcytic anemia (P) micro (R) cyt (S) ic (P) an (S) emia Interpretation: small cell pertaining to without blood condition Definition: pertaining to small cells without blood condition 10. hepatomegaly (R) hepat (CV) o (S) megaly Interpretation: liver enlargement Definition: enlargement of liver...
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Module 1 - optic (S) al Interpretation: vision pertaining...

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