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Writing assignment - Module 9 - Integumentary and Endocrine Systems The objectives of this writing assignment are to help the student review the main structures of skin and the location of the endocrine glands in the animal's body, and to review the scientific terms used to describe the endocrine glands. Part 1. Turn to page 222 n your textbook. Provide the scientific names of the labeled structures (A through F) in Figure 10-26 - Skin layers . The names should be submitted as a lettered list as shown below. A. Hair shaft B. Epidermis C. Dermis D. Subcutaneous Layer E. Sweat Gland F. Sebaceous Gland Part 2. Turn to page 238 in your textbook. Label the diagram in Figure 11-9 - Endocrine Organs . In addition, provide the combining form ( root term plus combining vowel
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Unformatted text preview: ) for each labeled endocrine gland . Combining forms do not need to be listed for labeled structures that are not endocrine glands (see example below). The names should be submitted as a lettered list as shown below. NOTE: This is a unique horse that has both female and male reproductive structures. A. Follicle (females) B. Ovary (females) - ovari/o, oophor/o C. Corpus luteum (females) D. Kidney- nephr/o, ren/o E. Adrenal- adren/o, adrenal/o F. Adrenal Cortex G. Adrenal Medulla H. Pituitary- pituit/o I. Posterior (Caudal) Lobe J. Pineal- pineal/o K. Anterior (Cranial) Lobe L. Parathyroid Glands- parathyroid/o M. Thyroid- thyr/o and thyroid/o N. Trachea O. Thymus- thym/o P. Pancreas- pancreat/o Q. Testis (males)- test/o, test/i...
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