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Eng 101 Ad Analysis Essay - L uke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather Murphey English 101 Section 8 October 7, 2009 “Works like magic!” Or does it really? In advertisements for Always pads, their slogan is: “Have a happy period. Guaranteed.” Now Always has another product available, Always Infinity. This product has its own catch phrase: “Works like Magic.” In Seventeen Magazine , an advertisement for this product appears. For two obvious reasons this ad is directed at women. One, the product is intended for women only; and two, it was in Seventeen Magazine , which is aimed at women, mainly teens. In this ad, a woman with unnaturally red hair and green eyes, dressed in an all white magician suit, complete with a top hat, and magic wand. The woman pulls an Always Infinity pad from another white top hat on a table. This scene represents to that of a magician’s act. The ad compares the woman pulling the pad from the hat to a magician that would a rabbit; she shows that the fluid has “disappeared.” The ad goes on, near the bottom, to explain the product’s slogan. It gives further description (a short paragraph or so) using full length sentences mainly that the pad has “its own disappearing act.” The paragraph gives a brief sentence description of the actual product before going back to it the “disappearing act.” It also contains a website to go visit, to “make some of your own magic.” This part of the ad was 3-D interactive and accessible with a webcam. Holding the ad up in front of the webcam would create an image of a white top hat with swirly lines coming out of it and around it on the computer screen where you view your webcam. The hat could then be rotated and tipped any which way, even to look inside the hat. After awhile, a magic wand would pop up and a rabbit would appear from the hat. Below this link, lies a picture
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Luke 2 of the pad with a blue liquid on it, with the phrase “Now you see it” above it. Beside this, another picture of the fluid on the pad from before, but now absorbed, with the phrase “Now you don’t!” above that. This makes the claim “works like magic,” even more credible. However, look
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Eng 101 Ad Analysis Essay - L uke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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