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Eng 101 Bordo Essay questions - or that someone had asked...

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1. During a period from the Renaissance to the early eighteenth century men wore what we  now call tights instead of trousers. 2. The male body was thought to be authentic, no nonsense, and truthful which is why they  wore tights and it was acceptable. 3. The condition that they are in “equal states of undress,” is true, in the ad, they both have  the men and women pose for the picture with their pants around their ankles. However  she also states that it is unequal because this condition represents the sexes differently.  For the women’s ad, it makes them look as though they are unknowingly being watched, 
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Unformatted text preview: or that someone had asked them to remove their pants. Also she says, for the women, they look ill prepared to do their work, they dont have any of the accessories needed to do the jobs they would on a ranch. For the mens ad, she says they look like they are ready to go to work, they have all the accessories they need to do their job; they have their stethoscopes, caps, and masks on already, all they have to do is pull up their pants....
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