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1. Because articles would contradict one another, one would say women have “never had it  so good,” and others would say “Women-Emancipation Still to Come.”  This made it hard  to tell if women were winning or losing the battle for equality so writers created television  shows like these. 2. That if women did not take time to care for their appearance, and take time to care for  the things going on in their own lives, that is who they would become, “a baggy-faced, 
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Unformatted text preview: chinless, relentlessly nosy neighbor.” 3. 3. In Bewitched Samantha would intervene to help Darrin in his career, and it was a show from 1960s that portrayed feminism in a positive way, I Dream of Jeanie did not portray feminism positively, it showed what women are supposedly like when they take feminism to the extreme and how it does not get them the man’s affection....
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