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Eng 101 Gender Analysis Essay

Eng 101 Gender Analysis Essay - Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather Murphey English 101 November 23, 2009 Sexism and Cartoons In the animated series Avatar the Last Airbender , the creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko bring four different styles of martial arts and science fiction together to create a world vastly unlike our own, full of regular people with supernatural powers, referred to as “benders”. Benders are people of each of the four nations (Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads), that have the ability to manipulate their element (water, earth, fire, and air respectively) using martial art forms. Each type of bending has a corresponding unique style of martial art its movements are based on. Because bending originates from actual martial art forms, it gives the show a sense of reality even though it is a cartoon. The creators of this show wanted to appeal to boys, hence the martial arts fighting, but also wanted a strong set of female characters to appeal to girls. Not many cartoons out there regard female characters with importance and intricacy, this show has become the exception to this attitude. The main characters throughout the program are Sokka, a young male Southern Water Tribe member, about age 15. He generally makes the witty sarcastic remarks and provides the program with humor. Katara, Sokka’s younger sister, about age 14, also a waterbender. She narrates the opening and generally it shows her point of view as Aang’s journey continues. She is usually polite, courteous, but when needed, she can be strong, stubborn, and uncompromising, usually to benefit their group. And finally Aang, a 12 year old boy, an Air Nomad and the last airbender. Aang is the avatar, the spirit of the world that reincarnates in a cycle of the four
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Luke 2 nations. In each lifetime, they are given the duty of maintaining balance among the four nations. They are also the only person in the world capable of mastering all the bending disciplines. Therefore Aang must master not only his native element air, but the other three elements as well. Katara is the only waterbender left in the Southern Tribe. The Fire Nation (who the other nations are at war with) captured and/or killed all the others from her tribe long ago (much like they did to the Air Nomads 100 years ago). When Katara finds out that Aang is the avatar, they make plans to master waterbending together at the Northern Water Tribe. In the episode “The Waterbending Master” Aang, Katara, and Sokka finally reach the North Pole, the location of the Northern Water Tribe. Before meeting their teacher, Katara explains to Aang how significant this is to her, “I’ve waited for this day my whole life! I finally get to learn from a real waterbending master.” When Aang and Katara meet Master Pakku, the
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Eng 101 Gender Analysis Essay - Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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