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Eng 101 Kilbourne Essay questions

Eng 101 Kilbourne Essay questions - 3 The intended effect...

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1. Advertisers benefit from this technique because they want people to be unaware that it is everywhere, without them noticing. That way their ads will become common things people remember and they will have their product in mind while making purchases. 2. They share the belief of transformation and transcendence. This is troubling because people believe (through advertising) that a product can change them instantly, for the better, all they have to do is buy and use the product. Though this is not true, but the ad worked because people bought that product.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The intended effect of an advertisement is to get people to buy the product, have it on their minds while making purchases so they are more apt to buy their product over another brand. However, the unintended effects are destructive to society. These effects come from the types of advertisements used, (sex appeal, band wagon, etc.) to get people to purchase their product. In turn, advertising influences society in a negative way, they set trends, not just follow what people are doing....
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