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Eng 101 Mediation Essay - Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather Murphey English 101 Section 8 December 14, 2009 Mediation of the American People The mediation of the American people manifests itself in many different ways, ranging from television, radio, newspapers, magazines, political and public figures, as well as virtually an infinite variety of information on the internet. In addition to these various ways of mediation, we must also take into consideration the way corporatism also influences policies and politics in America. As it relates to the question of how, out of these variations of media and other sources, public figures and the positions they represent, do we know the truth of any particular issue? Many people rely on television and radio to provide them with the vital information that they base many of their beliefs and decisions on, because it is the quickest and easiest way to process information in the so called information age of today. Other people will blindly follow their leaders or possibly side with one party or the other because of their parent’s beliefs and how they were raised. But any way you look at it, most people will only listen to what they want to hear. The fact is people are cheating themselves out of education and truthful knowledge on which to base their decisions because they do not take the time to seek the truth in information given by the media and take only the media’s portrayal of reality as their own. However, if one wants to make an educated decision, it involves research, and looking for answers from all sides of the argument and not simply believing everything they hear, they need to find out what to believe for themselves on their own. Any media outlet will have some form of bias; it doesn’t matter whether it is from the right or the left; but as stated above, news sources are not the only form of
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Luke 2 mediation. Political figures will favor certain media outlets and then tell the public what they want them to hear. Take the Obama administration for example. They have told the public that Fox News is biased, but say nothing about other media sources that favor and or agree with their positions. Obama has singled out this network station because he and his administration do not like what Fox News has to say about them, he favors what the other stations say about him and his administration and their policies because they do agree or generate support for them. Doing this, amounts to propagandizing the minds of Americans; Obama is trying to turn the public against Fox News purely because they are telling the public things he doesn’t want them to hear. This is a blatant attempt to control the American people’s opinions and gain their support. In deciding what to believe as in the Obama example above, one problem to consider is
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Eng 101 Mediation Essay - Luke 1 Jessica Luke Heather...

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